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Binary Hedge Fund Review

Binary Hedge Fund Software

Financial investing is a complex issue that should be left to professionals. That is what the majority of people say. But with digital options you are able to invest a small amount of money and get fast results. But even with binaries, you need to dedicate your time and effort to make the most of your money. That is why there have been created Binary Options Trading Robots (BOTRs).

The average BOTR offers high returns by doing automated traders on behalf investors. Binary Hedge Fund software is a bit different, as it does not claim to have a close-box algorithm behind its profitable trades. In this case, they offer to follow one of three professional traders. And the software simply mimic their actions. This may appeal to some investors as not everyone is willing to test the trustworthiness of a bunch of IT code. And the reputability of traders behind this company is beyond any doubt.

One more positive issue is the choice of brokerage companies through which Binary Hedge Fund software operates, which is quite variable. Offered brokerages have been on top of the digital options market offering exclusive services for several years in a row. And you can trade with any of them, or several of them at any given time. This makes things easier when you want to diversify your options trading portfolio. This is suitable for more advanced traders and it is actually one of the very few BOTRs aimed at well-established traders.

Author Name Unknown
Price Free
BinaryOptionRobot Minimum Deposit $250
Minimum Trade $25
Average Win Rate Up to 100%
Auto Trading Yes
Manual Trading Yes
Use of Regulated Brokers Yes
Max Daily Trades Unlimited
VIP Account/Features Yes
Demo Account No
Guide Tour Yes
Customer Support Web-form, Live Chat
Software Type Web-based
Languages English

Binary Hedge Fund Trading Signals

Binary Hedge Fund robot, unlike any other BOTR, works in multiple currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD. That makes investing from all over the world much easier. Moreover, hedge funds are usually closed to general public, but Binary Hedge Fund trading signals open up a possibility for a professional oversee of your funds in the binary trading world. It does not use secret algorithms, but the secret knowledge of its traders.

Unlike some popular BOTRs, the goal of Binary Hedge Fund trading signals is to limit your exposure to risks and volatility of digital options through proper financial management. Though the profits can reach 100%, there is no guarantee of that. The only promise is the professional attitude of traders behind this BOTR. You can start by investing just $250, which is an industry standard for brokerages.

If you want to invest more or would like to refer some of your friends Binary Hedge Fund robot provides you with a chance to get VIP treatment. You will receive a phone call and an email from the support team. It will also open new back-door options in the software for you to profit even more. And they will inform you of an exclusive phone number that can connect you with your customer support rep at any time if any questions arise. This is very different approach compared to any other BOTR, where there are no VIP offers on hand.

Binary Hedge Fund Robot

If you choose to place your funds with Binary Hedge Fund robot then there are several options you can choose from. Firstly, you can follow several signals that are mimicking the trades of professional brokers employed by the BOTR. Or you can choose one of them and let the soft do the trades for you.

We should note in our Binary Hedge Fund review that there are some other advanced options like Daily Stop Loss feature, Trade Amount, Max Daily Trades and Assets that you can turn on or off. This lets you keep a steady hand on what is going on with your account balance on a daily basis.

The Daily Stop Loss allows you to curb the possible losses if a professional you are following has a bad day. Trade amount set up allows you to calculate the amount of your balance and make sure that you don't over-leverage your account. Max Daily Trades is there for you if an investor does not want to place too many trades on a single day due to market volatility or other issues. It is worth noting that assets that are your favorite can be turned on, and the ones that you prefer to disregard can be turned off. So if the system decides to place a trade it will firstly consult your asset choice and only then would place a trade on your behalf.

Binary Hedge Fund Review - Support

Customer support is always not the strongest point of any BOTR. But Binary Hedge Fund trading signals goes a step further to make sure that you are comfortable with a trading process. As stated before, the VIP account holders receive exclusive over-the-phone support from a dedicated rep. One of the easiest ways to acquire VIP treatment is to refer two friends that make a real money deposit with this app. After that, you get two months free deluxe support and other perks that are unavailable for general clientele. The other option is to deposit a large amount of money into your brokerage account using the referral of BOTR. In this Binary Hedge Fund review, we want to note that you should consult this company for details regarding the amount due to various restrictions depending on your location.

Otherwise, it's worth mentioning in this Binary Hedge Fund review that you should feel free to contact the support via web-form or email to clarify any outstanding issue. Most importantly, the company has recently introduced Live chat feature that is available during regular working hours, GMT time. This option has not been seen in any other BOTR and, for this reason, Binary Hedge Fund software is ahead of other BOTRs in terms of keeping in touch with their clients.

Language support is, unfortunately, limited to English only. But if you are set to get the VIP treatment then feel free to request a customer service rep speaking your native tongue.

Binary Hedge Fund Scam

The good point about this software is that its site is simple and good looking, in comparison with many other robots, it doesn't annoy promotions and marketing videos. Concerning to Binary Hedge Fund scam, we have made a research on the web on the presence of Binary Hedge Fund scam complaints. And, alas, we can not make an exact conclusion, since the robot is still quite new and there are no comments on its services or Binary Hedge Fund scam. You can find a few reviews, praising him, but there are no reliable data and comments from users.