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Binary Options ATM Review

Binary Options ATM Autotrader

Starting this Binary Options ATM review, we should say that in the world of binary options, there has been a large revelation concerning new ways of automated trading, meaning that investors right now can use BO Trading Robots (BOTRs) to do the dirty work for them. You, as a digital options investor, are not obliged anymore to waste your precious time on analysis, placing trades or wonder what went wrong with that particular trade you've just made. The automated software searches for strong trading signals on your behalf and makes the right choice, pretty much every single time. And BOTRs are usually free-of-charge. So you can relax and enjoy your free ride from rags to riches with the popular binaries. This is a chance not to be missed!

Author Name Unknown
Price Free
Minimum Deposit $250
Minimum Trade $5
Average Win Rate Up to 79%
Auto Trading Yes
Manual Trading Yes
Use of Regulated Brokers Yes
Max Daily Trades Up to 3 trades
VIP Account/Features No
Demo Account No
Guide Tour No
Customer Support E-mail:
Software Type Web-based
Languages English

Binary Options ATM Robot

Late in 2015, we have witnessed an appearance of one of the brand new BOTRs, namely, Binary Options ATM robot. It is quite a peculiar system as with an industry standard investment, Binary Options ATM trading minimum deposit of $250, it offers minimum $5 trades, which is awesome as it lets you leverage your account in case of adversity. And do not forget about the 100% deposit bonus, meaning that you will have 100 trades to start with. Any other BOTR we have analyzed doesn't offer such starting options, as the minimum trade amount is usually around $25, meaning that if something goes wrong, you will have a zero account balance in a matter of days.

The registration process is quite straightforward, as you will need to type in only your first and last name, phone number, email address and create a unique password so that no one else can have access to your trading account.

Continuing this Binary Options ATM review, we can add that profit-wise, the system does not state exactly how much you will earn on average, but according to our experience with the system the median profit range is almost 80%. That stands for a large profit on a constant basis. Please, mind that Binary Options ATM Trading is completely free to use, but you may have some reservations about how it is operating.

Binary Options ATM Review - Minimum Deposit

Everyone who starts trading digital options can see themselves driving luxury cars and drinking champagne in the nearest future. That may be true if you choose to auto-trade with a proper BOTR. Presently, we are reviewing Binary Options ATM robot, which does not seem to be on the top marketing edge of things. The videos provided by the company are confusing and just tell traders about possible quick cash in their bank account. But it may seem to be a good factor - the company does not impose fake marketing promotions. In this Binary Options ATM review, we would like to note that it does not provide any kind of contact details nor address, as well as other BOTRs, only e-mail and contact phone number. The terms of use are quite extensive and complex, but you should read them all, especially if you have been looking for a right BOTR for you for some time.

Binary Options ATM trading deposit is just $250 and the trades range from $5 to $50. It is actually unknown what kind of assets are auto-traded by this robot, so we are left in the dark on this important issue. There is also no demo account, so you cannot test the system before investing your hard earned cash. No special or VIP features either, so that all traders are on the same level of service and do not have any privileges.

Binary Options ATM Trading

Binary Options ATM autotrader is so basic that even a baby can trade with it. You can turn off the auto-trade and place investments on your own, or if you turn on the auto-trade feature then you have several unique options. There are three levels of trading with this autotrader: low risk (1 trade per day), mid risk (2 trades per day) and high risk (3 trades per day). That seems strange enough as the majority of other well-established BOTRs provide customers with many more daily trades without calling such trading risky. And especially if all the auto-trades are within a 60 seconds range, as can be seen on Binary Options ATM robot trading page.

In any case, the Binary Options ATM autotrader system uses only reliable brokerage companies through which it operated its binary trading on your behalf. There is still a possibility of profit with this BOTR, taking into account all of the above-mentioned cons.

Binary Options ATM Scam

Binary Options ATM autotrader supports only English as its primary language on the web-site. When you enter the front-page of this robot you will see a short two-minute clip where a lady will do her best to explain how the software operates. As for explanations and feedback, that is pretty much it. This robot can provide you with a number of excellent services: automated trading, trades with regulated brokers, user-friendly interface for beginners as well as an adequate percentage of winrate.

We have found some reviews on Binary Options ATM scam, but they are related to the fact of dissatisfaction with the site design. But can it be named as Binary Options ATM scam? This software does a lot to improve their services and interface, nevertheless, it is already newbie friendly and you don’t need any previous knowledge in order to make profits using it.

Since the BOTR is free, there is nothing for you to lose, so feel free to check it out on your own and post your feedback with us, so that many other binary investors can benefit from it and understand whether there is Binary Options ATM scam or not.