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Bit Options Review

BIT Options Robot

Trading binary options and making millions out of it in a year seems like a dream, and it's indeed nothing more but a dream. Not every professional operating with thousands of dollars can say that they've profited that much. And if you are a complete newbie in the financial trading world, you may rake in your first profit only after some hard work and self-education.

Starting our BIT Options review, we would like to mention that binary options trading is said to be one of the easiest ways to make money online. It does not require any previous experience in the financial markets. And now this type of investing in stocks, commodities and other assets has become even easier through the use of Binary Option Trading Robots (BOTRs). Providers of this software claim that even a single mother of two can give food to her children by using it, as it does all the trading for you. Investors are only required to choose between one of the many platforms to invest with.

One of the latest BOTRs is BIT Options robot, whose Senior Chief Adviser and Founder, Stephen Gilbert, welcomes you to try their software. He insists that his team has created one of the strongest platforms with the best algorithm for you to profit by simply having to register with them. In the beta-test period that is ongoing right now the use of the software is completely free-of-charge. You are also invited to join the Bit Options binary trading investors society for discussions of the market and ways to improve the platform.

It is stated that the current beta testers have earned over $25 000 000 with this robot, so you may consider that there is BIT options scam. This may be true and in our BIT Options review we will walk you through every step of the way for understanding all pros and cons of it. And then you can decide for yourself whether you want.

Author Name Stephen Gilbert
Price Free
Profit Maximizer Minimum Deposit $250
Minimum Trade $25
Average Win Rate Up to 95%
Auto Trading Yes
Manual Trading Yes
Use of Regulated Brokers Yes
Max Daily Trades Unlimited
VIP Account/Features No
Demo Account No
Guide Tour Yes
Customer Support Web chat
Software Type Web-based
Languages English, etc.

BIT Options Software

Starting your binary options journey with BIT Options software is quite straightforward and easy. No credit cards, no experience, no purchase, no learning for months and wasting of your time is required. You do not even need to download any kind of software on you PC. In the first step you only need to enter your first name and email address, and watch an introductory video if you wish.

After the initial registration you are forwarded into the members area. There you can find the standard video describing how you can profit from using BIT Options robot. In it you will hear about the BOTRs benefits and the fellow speaking will stress once again that the software is 100% free to use. But in order to start profiting, the company has chosen a reliable brokerage company for you. And you do need to make an initial small investment to start raking in the dough. This will also activate your account to enjoy all of the platform's features.

We would like to mind in our BIT Options review that it is claimed that your account balance will be doubled every month, and depending on the amount you invest can reach over $100 000. You cannot have an account balance of more than that amount, so BIT Options robot actually forces you to withdraw profits on a regular basis.

Before you proceed and leave the members area to start your investing career with BIT Options binary trading there are several outstanding issues you may have a look at. You can watch live trading session with results up to several days of the several members who have committed to this app. Any prospective investor can have a look at the amount of won and lost trades, their amount, profits, execution time, and even the bank balance of these traders, who decided to share their joy with the rest of us.

There is also a FAQ section available at the bottom of the page. This can be found with very few BOTRs as the majority of them asks you to believe them on their word and do not explain much at all. But with BIT Options software you can find answers to the majority of issues new traders have before they start trading binaries. You can even leave a message and expect a prompt answer.

BIT Options Binary Trading

In order to start your automatic investment in binary options you need to firstly fund your account with a dedicated broker chosen for you by the software. Unlike the majority of BOTRs, which provide only the basic deposit options like Visa and MasterCard, BIT Options binary trading allows other types of credit and debit cards, like Diners and CarteBleue, as well as Wire Transfer, CashU, MoneyBookers and many other alternative methods.

After you fund your account the system immediately starts placing trades on your behalf according to the market signals. You can see at least several trades placed daily on your behalf. If you are not sure of how things work with this BIT Options software platform, there is a standard demo that will walk you through all of the options, like manual trading, if you need to place a trade on your own; trading history, if you are interested in how well the system is performing; your account details, FAQ section or contact form.

BIT Options Scam

And what about the topic of BIT Options scam, we can say just one thing - you won't find any complaints about this software on Web. It may be because this robot is a newcomer or because it cares about its reputation and prevents rumors about BIT Options scam. Customer support of this firm is similar to other BOTRs, meaning it is very simple with few options to choose from like web-form or email support. These robots are free to use, so no wonder that there are not that many advisers to aid you. But the chosen dedicated brokers are of top-notch quality and offer live chat, over-the-phone and email support in a variety of languages.

To sum up this BIT Options review, if you are interested in learning more about Binary Option Trading Robots and would like to choose one more automated system to help you with your binary investing, feel free to have a look at other articles on our web-site.