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Certified Income Review

Certified Income Software

When you look for ways to profit on the side, many people turn to the popular online tool, namely, binary options. Financial investing can be a tricky business, require a large initial investment, and, of course, a deep knowledge of financial markets. With binaries you only have to place and Up or Down trade, but even that is something to be thought over. And it does take away your valuable time you can spend with your family and friends. It is always good to make good money without much effort, just like in your savings account, where you leave all the hard work to your bank. With binaries you leave that work to Binary Trading Robots (BOTRs) that have been created after many customers requests. And Certified Income software is one of the new ones on the market.

Certified Income software claims to make a staggering $3 500 a day on a $250 investment. 95% win rate of all your trades to prove it. That seems excessive and overstated, but that is a marketing gimmick that is present pretty much in every BOTR. But this one is a bit different. There is a 60-day money-back promise. A guarantee that if you loose any money during first two months of trading you will get a refund. Seems like a great opportunity, but if the system works there is no need in it!

As for the creator, Anthony Cahill, he is one of the young successful online money-making gurus that figured out a scheme on how to get rich using binaries. It seems though that he simply uses the readily available trading signals researched by professional traders. And before going any further, we should note in this Certified Income review that presently the registration process on the official web-page is closed due to an overflow of clients willing to open an account with this software. Hopefully, in the nearest future it will open its doors once again. This may reaffirm some of us in profitability of this BOTR.

Keep reading Certified Income review to know for sure if Certified Income scam is true or it is legit

Author Name Anthony Cahill
Price Free
BinaryOptionRobot Minimum Deposit $250
Minimum Trade $25
Average Win Rate Up to 95%
Auto Trading Yes
Manual Trading Yes
Use of Regulated Brokers Yes
Max Daily Trades Unlimited
VIP Account/Features No
Demo Account No
Guide Tour No
Customer Support Web-form
Software Type Web-based
Languages English

Certified Income Trading App

If you go to the official Certified Income trading app web-page you will see an introductory video by the guru himself going into detail why you should choose his BOTR over any other. He claims to take control of all possible market outcome with his soft to make you over quarter of a million dollars in your first month of trading.

With Certified Income trading app you are exposed to less risk than with regular binary trading. The software is programmed to place trades on your behalf by using its secret algorithm. The company also provides market analysis for every single trade it makes on your behalf, so in time you can learn the ways and become a successful trader in your own right.

While it is impossible for any kind of software to correctly predict 100% of trades, the key point is that it makes enough profitable trades to cover losses and make you an extra buck or two. Some people may consider this to be a complete Certified Income scam, as it does not seem to get any profit out of your investment. But the system chooses a brokerage company on your behalf, and as an affiliate it makes commission out of every trade. So the more successful it is the more pennies out of every invested dollar it gets.

It's worth mentioning in this Certified Income review that you should always mind that no BOTR is foolproof, and a small percentage of trades can go wrong. So it essential that you make a substantial initial deposit to cover any losses. Please, be advised, that you may also opt in to receive a 100% bonus on your investment from the brokerage company. But you will not be able to withdraw your funds prior to a certain turn-over required is fulfilled, usually about 40 times the amount of your deposit and bonus.

Certified Income Robot

The trading process with Certified Income robot is as straightforward as with any other BOTR. After registration you have to turn on the auto-trade feature and choose the desired investment amount per trade. It is vital to set a minimum trade amount to less than 10% of your account balance in case of possible losses.

There is an option to place manual trades as well, with a minimum of $25 per trade. Otherwise you can opt in to trade via the brokerage company's own website. You can also view your trading history on both websites to make sure that the system is working at its best all the time.

Certified Income Review - Support

Customer satisfaction is focal point of Certified Income software, as stated by the owner himself. Several dozens of dedicated support reps are available to answer your queries 24/7 via email or web-form. The more advanced support vie telephone, for example, would require larger investments and commission-based trading, which is against Anthony Cahill's beliefs. The Certified Income robot should remain free-of-charge and the professional support that is already available is sufficient enough for the registered clients.

The FAQ section is available for those who are just thinking about joining the robot's team. There you will find answers to the most common questions together with some testimonies by beta-testers. The testimonies are done in detail and you can see some pictures detailing the progress of this person while using Certified Income robot. The website is English only, but that is not an issue, as it is very simple and offers basic terminology that can be mastered easily. Also we should note in our Certified Income review that you can feel free to contact the brokerage firm that you have an account with for more in depth information on options trading.

Finally, Certified Income trading app is using the same marketing techniques like any other BOTR, but as it is overflown with requests, it does not let any more people in just yet. But if you are lucky to get though a 60 day money-back guarantee is a cherry on top of a pie for those who doubts on whether to use this BOTR.

Certified Income Scam

Nowadays, when almost everyone who deals with binary trading are sick of BO scam providers. This concerns robot scams as well. Talking about Certified Income scam, we have made a research on the web. We have found a lot of negative reviews from people arguing about Certified Income scam. Traders write that all the company's testimonials are fabricated and all its videos and marketing promises are fake. Nevertheless, no evidence of robot's bad service is provided and it is your choice to conclude whether it is worth to deal with it or not.