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China Millionaire Review

China Millionaire Software

Starting off well trading binary options by yourself may be tricky. For this reason there have been developed a number of black box automated trading systems to place the trades on your behalf. Some consider them to be a complete scam, the others trust them with their hard earned cash.

In this China Millionaire review about Binary Options Trading Robot (BOTR) you will be able to take a close look at one of the locally oriented investing software that is quite popular on the web.

Jin Lee, the author of this program, is said to be a Chinese genius mathematician who created China Millionaire binary options robot for the benefit of the people, as it completely free-of-charge. Anyone can have a close look at this fellow by searching YouTube for his videos. Some argue that it is free, because of its bad reputation, but here you will find an in-depth review of this system to make your own conscious decision.

The information present on the website and on YouTube talk about the ways you can make more then $2 000 daily profit. This can only be checked after funding your trading account and turning the Auto Trade feature on. There is a variety of Facebook reviews and links to top news providers like CNN, CNBC, BBC and the like that have supposedly shared their positive reviews of China Millionaire binary options robot, though none could be found in real life.

Author Name Jin Lee
Price Free
Minimum Deposit $250
Minimum Trade $25
Average Win Rate Up to 98.8%
Auto Trading Yes
Manual Trading Yes
Use of Regulated Brokers Yes
Max Daily Trades Unlimited
VIP Account/Features No
Demo Account No
Guide Tour Yes
Customer Support Web-form
Software Type Web-based
Languages English, Chinese, etc.

China Millionaire Binary Options

China Millionaire software seems to be very similar to the majority of other auto-trading software providers, because of appearance, list of tools and the minimum payment requirement. Always keep a close eye on whether you enter your personal information and credit card details with a reliable company. Hopefully after reading this China Millionaire review you have a clearer outlook on binary options trading robots.

In order to start China Millionaire trading you need to provide basic contact details like with any other BOTR. You do not need to have any experience trading binary options to start. No software is needed to be downloaded. Everything is fully automated, hassle free, so even a complete newcomer can see the profits rise.

The only prerequisite is providing correct personal details, and funding a minimum of $250 into your trading account. The deposit options are limited to Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, Discover, CardBleue and Maestro cards. Your preferred brokerage is chosen by the program for you, according to your place of dwelling. One of the companies of choice is BinaryBook, which is a top-tier binary options broker with an advanced trading platform. It provides multiple bonuses, so your initial deposit amount can be doubled. This makes things easier, as even if you loose your investment, because the system appears not to work, you can manually switch to trading on your own and would still have enough cash to cover your losses. And you can freely trade not only on your PC, but mobile or tablet, as the brokerage has advanced options for manual trades via various applications.

China Millionaire Trading

China Millionaire trading is as easy as it can be, as all the work is done for you by the automated system. For traders to start off easily, you are provided with a system's guided tour. Because investors have to know how to set up the basic things for the system to work for the best benefit.

First of all, you need to deposit $250 as a minimum and activate the Auto Trading feature. You will immediately see your balance and after that you can set up the proper amount for the system to trade for you in $25 increments. Please, check your inbox (Junk & Spam folders) to make sure that your registration details and promotional information has been successfully received.

After some time you can log in the system and check the running positions the China Millionaire trading robot has opened for you. In trading history panel you can see the latest finalized positions with profits and losses per trade. Investors can also create manual trades without turning the system off. This is indeed great when you know of some definitely positive outcome and would like to make extra cash without turning the system off. You can also amend your contact details in case of changes to provide for a smooth withdrawal of funds.

It is vital which brokerage company the system chooses for you. As if you deposit through China Millionaire software with an unlicensed brokerage then you cannot guarantee a problem-free withdrawal of your earned funds. Make sure that the bonus terms and conditions are feasible to fulfill.

China Millionaire Binary Options - Support

Continuing this China Millionaire review, we should add that customer support is not the strongest point of any BOTR as the system is supposed to work on its own without much interference from the outside. For this reason it seems reasonable not to have advanced assistance available. But China Millionaire does not even provide the basic contact details, like address or phone number. Traders and interested parties can contact the creator of the software only via web-form and email.

Nevertheless, the FAQ section is comprehensive and answers the most common questions any newbie investor may have. To sum it up, automated trading is a great way to start your binary options trading career. The most important part is choosing the proper software provider, who is reliable and simple to use. 

China Millionaire Scam

Well, at the end of our China Millionaire review, let's discuss the topic of China Millionaire scam. After digging a lot of material on Web, we have found many rumors that China Millionaire spreads fake positive stories by marketers. So whether it can be a sign of China Millionaire scam or not? Besides the case of positive reviews, we cannot say that users rumors aren't fake as well, because of evidence absence. Also there are some complaints on China Millionaire scam connected with signals, which the company provides. On forums people say that the firm provides fake signals and they have lost their deposits because of it. We can't judge how true those words are, because they don't have any confirmation, so just be vigilant and thoughtful not to get on any scam.