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Dow Jones Focus Group Review Review

Investing in binaries is one of the leading ways of making extra money on the side these days. Investing in stock market, for instance, requires you to put all of your savings to work, meaning dozens of thousands of dollars are needed. And you have to pay hefty commissions on every single trade. And the profit margins are slim to none. With Binary Options Trading Robots (BOTRs) your investment can start at mere $250, which help you trade, the task is even easier.

BOTRs have been created for newbie traders and professionals alike because we as humans have other obligations and can't sit near our PCs all day long to analyze market conditions and place trades. These automatic trading robots do all the hard work for you. And in this Dow Jones Focus Group review, you will get to know one of them, namely, Dow Jones Focus Group.

Dow Jones Focus Group software is one of the new types of BOTRs that uses software of a world-famous Equinox company. Right now this firm is the only known company to have access to this program and to provide it to clientele free-of-charge. No commissions or hidden fees there for you. The company makes money on commissions from the dedicated brokerage companies, with which you must register and fund your trading account.

Jeffrey Richards is the creator of this advanced trading platform and a specialist in marketing, who put his skills to good use promoting Dow Jones Focus Group autotrader. You can review the trading process on the front page of the BOTR. But it is is the only way to have a look at the BOTR at work, as there is no Demo feature, nor you have access to a Guide Tour. So we should note in our review that you can view the platform in its full operational quality only after depositing.

Author Name Jeffrey Richards
Price Free
BinaryOptionRobot Minimum Deposit $250
Minimum Trade $25
Average Win Rate Up to 80%
Auto Trading Yes
Manual Trading Yes
Use of Regulated Brokers Yes
Max Daily Trades Unlimited
VIP Account/Features No
Demo Account No
Guide Tour No
Customer Support Web-form
Software Type Web-based
Languages English, Spanish, Russian, German

Dow Jones Focus Group Autotrader

To start your automated trading with Dow Jones Focus Group autotrader, you will need to provide your contact details, like first and last name, phone number, email and create a unique password. It is advisable to make the first deposit as well because you will not be able to use the auto-trade before that. The initial investment is just $250, with $1 000 being the recommended amount. The robot chooses a dedicated broker on your behalf and also, you can choose to continue trading manually. Besides, we should note in this Dow Jones Focus Group review that you can expect a 100% bonus to match your initial deposit as a thank you gesture from your broker, but it also depends on the chosen provider.

Dow Jones Focus Group Software

After funding your account with one of the chosen brokerages, you can log in to your Dow Jones Focus Group autotrader account and start trading, either manually or by turning on the auto-trade feature. Trade range is quite limited, starting from $25 with a maximum of $150. If you choose to place trades manually, you will be offered a choice of hot picks, either stocks, indices, commodities or currency pairs. It is up to you to choose your favorite ones. Unfortunately, in our Dow Jones Focus Group review we should mention tha  you will not be to do any of your own analysis, as the positions are usually opened for 5 seconds. And you will have to rush to place a trade, as the software glitches and does not always let you place your trades within this 5 second time-frame. So it seems better to let the program do its thing. Especially, if you consider that the average trade period is just 15 minutes.

The main part of trading with Dow Jones Focus Group software is done on the Dashboard, where you can see the Equinox software at work. You can choose the investment amount of either $25, $50, $100 or $150. At the same time, you can click on any of the potential trades and see your possible profit from the trade.

It is worth mentioning in this review that if you move down the left-hand side panel, the next option is your position portfolio, where all of your current and past trades are located. You can also move to broker trading area for manual trades without the system's advice, which is a good option that is unavailable in many BOTRs. You can also read the terms of use if you move even lower down the panel on the left side. There is also a customer support tab through which you can contact your dedicated rep of Dow Jones Focus Group. Finally, there is a logout button, so when you finish trading no one else can use your account. Review - Support

Like with any other BOTR customer support is limited to a Web-form and email. Though you can reach your binary brokerage with ease via phone or live chat. Dow Jones Focus Group does have variable language support. That is a key positive point, unlike any other BOTRs that have only English websites available. For this reason clients interested in automated binary trading and speaking German, Russian, Spanish and English are welcome.

All in all, Dow Jones Focus Group software is one of many BOTRs in the market. The key distinctive features are the use of Equinox trading software, language choice, proper brokerages, and trading that is limited to $150 per investment, meaning that you can lose only that much of your account balance, in case of adverse situations. Anyways Dow Jones Focus Group claims to profit only in 80% of instances, so some cushion of cash is required if the system makes a couple of bad investment on your behalf at the start. And it is still up to you to decide, whether the above-mentioned features are enough.

Dow Jones Focus Group Scam

Continuing our Dow Jones Focus Group review, let's find out whether there is Dow Jones Focus Group scam or not. After reading a lot of reviews on the Internet both about the company's service, and Dow Jones Focus Group scam complaints, we were pleasantly impressed with the number of positive comments from users. Almost the entire clientèle is fully satisfied with this robot signals and people claim that these signals are consistent with their expectations. Moreover, we have found that the provider itself doesn't promise people that they will become millionaires and warns users that financial investments involve hight risks. As for Dow Jones Focus Group scam comments, we have found some complaints concerning the fact that after the company has made some changes in the software, some traders report on major losses while trading with it.