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Freedom Circle Review

Freedom Circle Software

When you decide to invest your money in something that works for you, binary options are highly recommended by many in the financial community. But although the investment through BO is considered a lot easier compared to other options or systems you must have reviewed, it still requires some skill and, most importantly, a lot of time.

Because of that, binary options trading robots (BOTRs) came to the world by the hands of a great experts in both fields binary options and information technology to give you the opportunity to make money easily, and also does all the unpleasant work for you. This does not mean that traders cannot manually trade by themselves, but can be a valuable guide which is free of charge in the world of binary options.

With our Freedom Circle Review you would be able to have a crystal view on what kind of systematic structure and software does the market have for you on offer to ease your investing course, and find out about Is Freedom Circle a Scam?

Author Name Kyle Stanford
Price Free
Profit Maximizer Minimum Deposit $250
Minimum Trade $25
Average Win Rate $5,000 daily
Auto Trading Yes
Manual Trading Yes
Use of Regulated Brokers Yes
Max Daily Trades Unlimited
VIP Account/Features Yes
Demo Account No
Guide Tour Yes
Customer Support Email:
Software Type Web-based
Languages English, German, Italian,Spanish

Binary Options Freedom Circle trading robot

Freedom Circle Software is designed to work fully automated and 100% hands free, so even a complete newbie can make a profit as the interface is easy to use and it's design is kind of old so traders may have seen it before.

In order to start trading Binary Options Freedom Circle you have to fill in your name and email address to be a part of it and fill in the rest of your details such as your surname and telephone number to become a member of Freedom Circle Trading robot.

You should note that you don`t need special knowledge and skills for binary options, that`s why this financials instrument will suit to a trader of any level. Besides, binary options give the fixed amount of income that you can get during the successful trade and measure the level of your potential risk.

Freedom circle trading robot itself chooses the broker for you with whom you will have a trading account. One step back with Freedom Circle Trading robot is that to activate your software you have to fund your account with the chosen broker so Freedom Circle would be able to start gaining profits for you.

After making the initial deposit which is 250$ the market standard with all the BOTRs, you will gain a full access to the platform on the broker's site. The platform includes all the options available for trading and also Stocks,commodities ,currencies and indices.

Is Freedom Circle a Scam?

The main page of the Freedom Circle Software contains a very few information about the program and how it works, but it has an introductory video which lasts for a 15 minutes describing the system and how it generates money for traders. The main page also contains some of the previous traders comments of the robot who guarantee that it works and how much money they made and how they were able to finally fulfill their long lasting dreams.

Further more, Kyle Stanford, the author of the program claims that the binary option trading robot has spit out over 90 millions US dollars in the last 3 months which sounds a bit exaggerated, he also confirms the success rate of the trading robot by making a deposit of 250 $ and converts it to over 450 $ in a minute reassuring that it will not play with your account as the other trading robots do, so the matter of Is Freedom Circle a Scam? or not is avoidable but traders should be cautious.

How to use freedom circle trading robot

In order to start trading using Freedom Circle,you're going to have to provide your email address and name to log into the system and get familiar with it, the Binary Option trading robot automatically starts to trade for you with a reliable broker.

While trading binary options Freedom Circle Software you can either let the software make the trades on your behalf or you can trade manually all by yourself, this option isn't available with all BOTRs as it includes some risks.

Freedom Circle trading robot

If you wish to trade by yourself you can click on the manual trading button and you will be directed to the chosen Broker's site, where you can find more information about trading online on the site, promotions and more assets you can trade on by yourself without using the recommendations or the signals of freedom circle trading robot while using the manual trading option.

You can also look at your personal account details such as your broker account ID, your broker's name by clicking on the account details button. The minimum investment amount per trade is only $25.

Freedom Circle software claims that all withdrawal requests are processed within 1-2 business days. This program only works in 12 countries eligible, but they hope to increase the regions they work with in the nearest future.

Freedom Circle Support

In Freedom Circle Review we included all the information available about the robot and Is Freedom Circle a Scam? or can be trusted and also we should note that the software offers every trader a Personal Profit Consultant and an support system. Both are available 24/7 to ensure that you will get the most helpful service and you can reach them by email.

At the moment, the software supports only 4 languages to cover a huge part of the world (English, Spanish, Italian and German).