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Guaranteed Payouts Review

Guaranteed Payouts Robot

Starting this Guaranteed Payouts review, we can say that day-to-day regular work may bring you some cash to cover your basic needs, but many of us are looking to improve our financial standing by doing some extra activities or investments. One of the most popular investment type is binaries trading, which are the most basic and easiest type of financial trading. Even a complete newbie can learn how to trade binaries, but this still requires a lot of time and effort on your part. And not everyone has time to spare, but you are sure to have a little extra cash you may invest to gain some quick profit. For this reason, there were created Binary Trading Robots (BOTRs), which do all the trading on your behalf.

Guaranteed Payouts system is one of the top performing BOTRs that promises a huge return on investment, actually 91.4% average win rate. It has been verified by BinaryOptionsPlace in 2015 and verified and approved by Judge Binary Options in 2016. The company does not claim to make thousands a day and this may be another extra point of security. Although the sky-high win rate may seem too much, all of the BOTRs exaggerate this kind of stuff.

When you decide to invest, it is essential to know who is behind this software. It is Victor Langley whose voice you can hear in the introductory video. During the registration process you can watch some other videos explaining the benefits of Guaranteed Payouts robot, as well as reading some of the testimonials from investors. There is also a trade history chart of the most recent auto trades to prove the positive performance of the BOTR. And the choice of brokerage companies Guaranteed Payouts binary has on offer is also quite important. Taking into account all of the above, it seems to be a reputable robot.

Author Name Victor Langley
Price Free
Profit Maximizer Minimum Deposit $250
Minimum Trade $25
Average Win Rate Up to 91.4%
Auto Trading Yes
Manual Trading Yes
Use of Regulated Brokers Yes
Max Daily Trades Unlimited
VIP Account/Features No
Demo Account No
Guide Tour No
Customer Support Web-form
Software Type Web-based
Languages English, Spanish, Russian

Guaranteed Payouts System

On the front-page of Guaranteed Payouts robot you are asked to watch an introductory video and provide your name and email address. You are sure to receive a welcome letter from your personal manager upon completion of registration. Secondly, you will be asked to provide you full name and phone number. You should know that a dedicated manager will call you almost immediately to aid you in setting up the account and making your first deposit.

If there is strong up or down signal, the system will recommend to place a trade if the auto-trading feature is off. You can place the trade manually or turn on the auto option. This is a very advanced way of automatic trading if compared to the majority of other BOTRs.

You can also click on the dashboard in the left hand corner to see your profile, to deposit extra funds, contact support via web-form, read terms of use and log out. Please, beware that you always need to log out from Guaranteed Payouts binary before you log off, so that no one else can access it.

Also in our Guaranteed Payouts review we advice to check account balance constantly if the auto-trade feature is on. After a week you are sure to see your account increases by a substantial amount. So you might want to try to withdraw some or all of the profits. If the balance actually diminished then you might think it over and decide whether it was a glitch or you need to trade manually and forget about this robot. In case of an adverse situation, please, do contact the support service to inquire.

Guaranteed Payouts Binary

Continiuing our Guaranteed Payouts review, we would like to add that auto-trading does not provide for any risk related management, as all of the trades are very likely to end up profitable. But you can choose the amount of trades per day, either one, three or five. The minimum trade is only $25.

The trade range is from several minutes to several hours. This way the profits are racked in pretty fast, but at the same time it is not a 60 seconds lottery. You can view your open positions as well as trade history on the front page.

Guaranteed Payouts System - Support

Customer support is very similar to any other BOTR. But the positive thing about it is that it is very easy to use. The web-form is right there in your dashboard, and you can send an email request at any time, as the support team is working 24/7. You can even request a phone call if there are some issues that need urgent attention.

The FAQ section, for some reason is only accessible during the registration process. It cover the most basic issues and may help you decide on whether you are willing to invest with Guaranteed Payouts robot.

Guaranteed Payouts system is centered on customers speaking English, Spanish and Russian, covering a large chuck of the world's population. This should suffice the majority of traders. If you looking for more advanced options or language choice, feel free to read more reviews on our site. You can also leave your comments and share your experiences about Guaranteed Payouts binary with us. This will definitely add a valuable touch to this review and other future customers will value it greatly.

Guaranteed Payouts Scam

Finishing our Guaranteed Payouts review, let's take a look on such unpleasant topic as Guaranteed Payouts scam. And here the impression from reading articles on the Internet differs, because we have found enough both positive and negative reviews. And, of course, negative ones claim about Guaranteed Payouts scam and that the creator of this software is a made-up, and its advertising campaign is not credible.

Choosing the robot, you should pay attention to the fact that you understand how it works. If you understand these details, you can more intelligently expose the settings for the robot to get better result.

It doesn't matter what modern and well robot you have chosen, you still need to monitor and control its actions. Only in this case, you can count on the fact that your deposit will grow steadily and you won't get on Guaranteed Payouts scam.