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Harrison and Woods Review

Harrison and Woods Trading Robot

Trading binaries is time-consuming and requires skills and effort, unlike what you might have heard. As not everybody can spare a lot of time to learn about options trading, some companies created trading robots that are supposed to do all the trading for you. Software is a brand new firm established in 2016 with the aim to help possible investors on their path to success.

This firm does not have geeky videos or unbelievable promises, it seems quite reputable and its website's design is state-of-the-art. It has all the necessary features to prosper in a trading robots niche, but it’s quite peculiar in its ways. In this review you will acquaint yourself better with this provider and understand whether you would employ its services, beside ,you get to know if Harrison and Woods scam or not.

Read our Harrison and Woods Review and find out all about Software.

Author Name Unknown
Price Free
Minimum Deposit $250
Minimum Trade $25
Average Win Rate More than 77%
Auto Trading No
Manual Trading Yes
Use of Regulated Brokers Yes
Max Daily Trades Unlimited
VIP Account/Features No
Demo Account No
Guide Tour No
Customer Support E-mail
Software Type Web-based
Languages English

Trading with Software

Trick or treat, that's all about trading robots these days, as you never know whether your money will go to a fraudster or to a genuine provider of automated signals. this trading robot is not your usual robots by any means, as it does not offer auto-trading at all! You would think that Harrison and Woods scam but you have to do the trading through the options brokerage provided by Harrison and Woods Trading Robot. The only thing that the company does for you is it analyzes financial markets on your behalf. And you receive weekly emails with signals

In reality, these services are only useful to those who make a minimum deposit, as the majority of brokers provide limited or no signals at all depending on the deposit amount. The usual practice that deposits of less than $10 000 do not qualify for extra features, so Software might be the proper place to do business with. Please, mind that Harrison & Woods is not a robot in its main essence, but more of a signals provider.

Trade with Harrison and Woods Trading Robot

Trading binary options with the help of Software is supposed to be easy and profitable. Unfortunately, that is not the case, as you will have to do the trading on your own. You will be only helped by binary signals sent to you via email once a week.

More in Harrison and Woods review is that the main issue is that they have a glitch while registering a new account, as it seems too many tried to place their business with them. Hopefully, they will resolve this issue soon enough. Their profitability rate, as claimed in their promo is around 77%, which is enough to make money on a constant basis. Nothing spectacular, but that is not the point. If you are willing to spent time following their leads, you are quite likely to succeed. But if you are looking for a classic auto-trading robot, then Software is not right for you.

One other benefit is the presence of your personal trading broker that can give you advice per your request. This option is not present in any other robot company.

Harrison and Woods Trading Robot Support Software customer support reps speak English only, so customers speaking other languages can meet some difficulties. Upon successful registration, you will be contacted by a customer rep who will lead you through deposit process with a chosen broker. Then the rep will hand you over to a dedicated trading pro, with whom you can talk about financial issues in the options sphere. You will also receive constant email updates with trading signals. These leads you should follow closely to become profitable.

Harrison and Woods scam

BY now, in Harrison and Woods review you know that The company does not provide any possibility of contact on your own, no email or web-form, nor any phone number. So if something does go wrong there is nowhere to go. So if I were in your shoes I would kniw for sure if Harrison and Woods Scam ir true or just a rumor. In this case, hopefully, you will be able to contact your rep, as you will have their phone number and email.

Finally, Harrison and Woods Trading Robot is not a BOTR in a classic sense, but a trading advice provider. If this suits your needs and you have time for all the chat and trade placing, then the company is right for you.