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Mike's Auto Trader Review

Mike's Auto Trader Robot

When you decide to invest in something so that your money works for you, binary options are highly laudable by many in the financial community. But investing via binaries is easier compared to other options you may have reviewed, it still requires some general skills, and most importantly, a lot of time.

For this reason, Binary Trading Robots have been created to give you a chance to make money with ease as the program does all the dirty work for you. It does not mean that you cannot trade and develop on your own, but it can be a valuable free-of-charge guide into the world of binary trading. And it surely can make you rich if you take it seriously.

Mike's Auto Trader app is one of the few really user-friendly BOTRs on the market that lets you not only profit, but join the community of traders and exchange experience and learn all the details about binaries while the app works for you. The choice is clear, you join the Mike's Auto Trader robot and receive and exclusive invite to participate in its Facebook community. One more positive issue is that this BOTR has a large choice of professional brokerage companies.

Author Name Michael Freeman
Price Free
BinaryOptionRobot Minimum Deposit $250
Minimum Trade $25
Average Win Rate Up to 80%
Auto Trading Yes
Manual Trading Yes
Use of Regulated Brokers Yes
Max Daily Trades Unlimited
VIP Account/Features No
Demo Account No
Guide Tour No
Customer Support Web-form
Software Type Web-based
Languages English

Mike's Auto Trader App

The key benefits of investing with Mike's Auto Trader app is that it offers over 30 automated signals every day. That means that you will have a constant flow of transactions on a daily basis. Of course, you can limit the number of trades by using the software, as it also allows traders to choose which assets to invest in or not. One more benefit is free Facebook daily signals and community of like-minded investors that are eager to earn and learn, as the two go hand in hand. As a member, you will receive full on support through educational materials that are sure to make you a professional trader.

Your initial deposit with Mike's Auto Trader software will have to be at least $250 to start off. Of course, you may choose to receive an extra 100% bonus offer from the brokerage company that the BOTR has chosen for you. This may require you to clear the bonus amount through a large turnover, but if you take into account the large volume of automated trading it will take the software a months time to trade through this amount so that you can make your first withdrawal.

In this Mike's Auto Trader review let's now talk about the system itself. Unlike many other BOTRs, Mike's Auto Trader software allows you to have a glance at the system even before you invest. There is a trading area where you can see your account balance, trader ID for reference when contacting support team, number of won and lost positions, open positions, and closed positions as well. There you can also choose the desired asset type to trade, like Currencies, Indices, Stocks and Commodities.

One of the other features is the Market News tab, where you can review latest and upcoming financial events, top news and even open and close times of four major markets in New York, Tokyo, London and Sydney.

There is also a Positions Portfolio tab, where you can follow professional hedging strategists and place manual trades according to their recommendations. This is a new option that is starting to pop up in the latest BOTRs. It offers a good chance to see how pros are working in the finance world.

It seems that Mike's Auto Trader robot is keener on making sure you understand the underlying reasons of why every trade is executed the way it is. This is different from any other BOTR out there because the primary reason for BOTRs' existence is to make money for traders without their knowledge of the process. For this reason, many traders consider Mike's Auto Trader robot to be not only a pretty decent binary options trading soft but an educational tool so that you can make trades on your own in the future.

Mike's Auto Trader Software

In our Mike's Auto Trader review, we wouuld like to note that the basic set up is similar to other BOTRs and allows you to choose whether to turn on the auto-trade or simply follow the signals manually. The minimum investment is $25 and the amount of daily automated trades is set to be over 30 per day. You can also limit the number of tradable assets and allow the software to trade only those that you are comfortable with.

Profits are packed in pretty fast and withdrawal takes on average three to five business days and is done on the broker's page, so you may rest assured that Mike's Auto Trader software does not have access to withdraw any of your winnings.

Mike's Auto Trader Review Support

Customer support, in general, understanding of it, is not the strongest point of Mike's Auto Trader app. But the availability of a special Facebook group makes it easier to get reviews of the company, talk to other investors or the support team in an informal manner. The other contact option is, of course, an industry standard web-form and email support. There are no VIP accounts or alike, so over the phone contact is limited, to say the least.

The website is supporting only English language, so it may be hard for those with poor or no knowledge of the language to get the hang of it. There is also no FAQ section on the website, so if any issue arises, you will have to contact the customer support team via the methods mentioned above.

Mike's Auto Trader Scam

At the end of our Mike's Auto Trader review we would like to mention the topic of Mike's Auto Trader scam. This company has been providing its services for over three years and there are a lot of reviews on it. According to our scanning, these reviews are divided into 3 types: user feedbacks, rough-about Mike's Auto Trader scam; reviews that the robot is operating normally, but produces a smaller win rate percentage; positive feedbacks from satisfied users. So we cannot judge whether there is Mike's Auto Trader scam or not, taking into the account that traders' comments differ a lot and they do not provide any evidence of trueness.