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Investment means the apportionment of capital or assets in hope of some gains in near or far future.

Investors, especially beginners, are often advised adopting a strategy of investment and diversification of their portfolios. Diversification is a risk reduction in general.

However, not all the traders whether they were beginners or professional have the time or the effort needed to dedicate to online investment, and as a result of that, BOTRs came into the investment world to aid traders make money without even moving a muscle whatsoever.

Automated trading robots is a software designed by the hands and minds of financial gurus based on an algorithm that analyse the moves of an asset in addition to market fluctuation to get the final outcome to the traders on the form of a signal or trade on behalf of them.

BOTRs vary from their win rates and minimum trades and above all the credibility of the software they are using. Most of the robots are frauds, we all know that by now, so when we choose to try trading robots we should search well before depositing any funds and risk everything as we may become another victim of a BOTR scam. login, a trading software that seems to have it all figured out, was designed by the hands of experts for trading on behalf of traders who have no time and help them gain a huge loads of profits in no time. forum offers clients a big list of regulated brokers for trading on their platforms including the most popular brokerage companies in the world such as 24Option, Opteck and Banc De Binary.

Read review and know if it worth a shot or scam as well as the others.

Author Name Group of financial experts
Price Free
Minimum Deposit $250
Minimum Trade $5
Average Win Rate Up to 83%
Auto Trading Yes
Manual Trading Yes
Use of Regulated Brokers Yes
Max Daily Trades Unlimited
VIP Account/Features No
Demo Account Yes
Guide Tour Yes
Customer Support Web-form
Profit Magnet Software Type Web-based
Languages English, Spanish, Russian, French, Arabic, Hungarian, Polish,
Czech, Italian, Swedish, German, Dutch, Chinese, Finnish, Japanese, Korean,
Bulgarian, Romanian, Danish, Turkish, Malay, Croatian, Slovenian, Portuguese, Norwegian

Trading binaries forum

Generally, the investment results in the purchase of assets. If the original asset is available at a price that is worth investing in, it would normally be expected either to generate income, or to appreciate in value. So they can be sold at a higher price. forum is one of the few legal trading robots that is compatible with the regulated brokerage companies from CySEC. login is a 100% auto trading program. Automated trading with review is as simple as it gets, firstly traders have to fill in a registration form to open an account for trading with forum which is automatically registering them with one of the regulated the robot is compatible with. login automatically generates trading signals and makes trades that are linked directly to your broker.

One of the best features of Login which are many, is that it trades with a lot of brokers with a very good reputation around the globe.

One little setback with forum is that it trades only in currencies but hopefully in the future will turn to other assets as well.

Trading with Login

Fill out the registration form, the next step is to deposit in your broker's account. The last step is to activate the auto trade button.

Then, you are going to setup the settings of the account by choosing one of the following methods:

Classic: The Classic System which is considered the most secure method.

Martingale: The Martingale System has faster accounts, but also a higher amount of profit risk. Each pair of foreign currencies has its own Martingale sequence.

Fibonacci:The Fibonacci System is more accurate.

After registration, traders will be asked to deposit in your account at the chosen broker. The minimum deposit is 250 USD, in case a trader already registered with that broker, he is going to have to register a new account using a different email !!

If traders wish to withdraw their profits, just by clicking on the withdraw button on the trading platform and you will be redirected to the withdrawal page of the broker where traders would be instructed to withdraw their money. demo account

Another great aspect which is not available at any other robot is that it offers traders the ability of using the demo accounts that you get to observe how the system works without risking your funds. demo account is not entirely free-of-charge as they assure, all you need to do is filling in a registration form and be a part of the demo account community. The catch here is that you ought to have an account to be able to use demo account and accordingly fund it by the minimum amount allowed for that which is 250 USD, so it's not free of charge after all, but the good thing is you can learn how to deal in a real-life platform which is similar to the real-money platform.

Inasmuch as the markets are closed and traders still want to practice trading. demo account allows traders to make trades even when the markets are closed, it simulates market feed during off-time.

When markets open, it automatically proceeds the live market feed.

Upon logging into the system, click on the Demo Mode. demo account starts with $ 1,000 (virtual money) and it has exactly the same signals and settings available in the real account mode. scam

Just as binaries get more and more fame by the second, scams have multiplied on the account of traders getting greedy and these schemers tend to take advantage of that by offering a huge win-rate to attract more traders to deposit money. has a win-rate of 83% which seems legit and reasonable, on the other hand. scam as all the other BOTRs does not show addresses or phone numbers, instead of that it offers only email address .

The good thing that may deny the whole idea of scam is that it's compatible with a lot of regulated brokers and traders get to trade with them and if anything goes wrong traders can contact CySeC. support

A good support service is the main key to a perfect relationship between traders and brokers. trading with offers traders the same support service as other robots do with an email address or a contact form of the main site.

The site supports around 25 languages including (English, Spanish, Russian, French, Arabic, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Italian, Swedish, German, Dutch, Chinese, Finnish, Japanese, Korean, Bulgarian, Romanian, Danish, Turkish, Malay, Croatian, Slovenian, Portuguese and Norwegian) by that they cover clients from the whole world.