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Profit Magnet Review Review

Investing in binary options without any previous experience in financial markets can be a tricky business, for this reason there have been developed Binary Options Trading Robots (BOTRs). Profit Magnet is considered to be among the top BOTRs in the market and dutifully so. It completely takes away the need to trade on your own and promises a staggering 97.56% average win rate, meaning that less than one in twenty trades placed by the system will turn out to be a loss.

In this Profit Magnet review you will see an in-detail analysis of this Profit Magnet trading robot to help you choose the best option to start investing in binaries, either automatically, or, if you choose so, manually.

Author Name Aaron Martin
Price Free 30-day trial (1% thereafter)
Minimum Deposit $250
Minimum Trade $11
Average Win Rate Up to 97.56%
Auto Trading Yes
Manual Trading Yes
Use of Regulated Brokers Yes
Max Daily Trades Unlimited
VIP Account/Features No
Demo Account No
Guide Tour Yes
Customer Support Web chat
Live chat
Profit Magnet Software Type Web-based
Languages English, etc.

Profit Magnet Trading Robot

To start with our Profit Magnet review, this software is unlike the majority of other BOTRs on the Internet. This can be seen through an elaborate front-page of its website, which showcases an introductory video that claims to turn $11 into $220 every hour. Too good to be true? Maybe that's the case, but if we compare this program with others, the minimum trade is more than twice as low. This allows for a smoother trading experience without risking too much capital if things do go wrong.

Truthful reviews of the automated trading system are vital for the trust in any trading software. There are some flattering reviews on the Profit Magnet's page, but their origin of them is hard to prove. Unlike the majority of other BOTRs, this company states on its very front-page the percentage of average win rate, guaranteed daily profit of over $1 000. They also claim not to charge a penny on profits for 30 days until the trader profits, but nowhere on the site can be found what happens after this initial month. Do people loose all their money by that time, or is there a commission based trading? Only after a thorough investigation, this mystery of Profit Magnet Software has been solved. An answer to this question is that the company will take away 1% of all your profits after a day trial periods. Meaning that if the BOTR only makes one profitable trade out of ten it will still take away this 1% from this only winning investment. This is unlike any other software program, because the majority of them are completely free-of-charge.

24/7 support claimed by this company is simply not there. We would like to note in this review that unlike the vast number of competitors, this robot probider does have a live chat feature, which actually works. You can even chat with Aaron Martin, the founder of this robot. But chat feature is only available during several hours a day, so you would better simply contact the company via email to make sure to get a proper answer.

At the bottom of the page possible investors can see a lot of current time trades placed by the robot, and which seem to be all winning. After inputting your name and email address, you will be forwarded to another page where you have to complete your registration by including your last name, password and phone number. There is also a chat feature popping up to answer any of the issues traders may have. You shouldn't count on it working though. On this very page investors can also have a glance at the FAQ section, where the most basic issues are put to rest.

Profit Magnet Software

After filling in all the proper contact details, the time comes to test out the Profit Magnet Software system. You may find that the BOTR will choose the most appropriate brokerage company for you according to you place of residence.

The drawback of Profit Magnet trading robot is that you can only see the brokerage's window-frame within the main page of the auto binary trader. It is impossible, unlike with the rest of BOTRs, to see what features this software has to offer you. They are all locked until you fund your account. It is like buying a pig in a poke, and for the minimum $250 investment it seems like a bit of stretch to part with your hard earned money not knowing what you are up for.

The minimum features you can see are the live chat, chat with other traders, which is unique to this firm, your trading ID number and balance. There is no introduction into the works of the system. Auto-trading or manual trading together with the amount of trades have to be set up only after the initial deposit. The only benefit there is here, is the choice of reliable brokerages, with which your money are truly safe no matter what. There are also substantial bonuses on offer, but that can be found with any broker on the market. Review - Support

FAQ section of any BOTR is key to answering main questions traders may have. But Profit Magnet goes a step further an provides live-chat, web-form and email communication options. If you prefer speaking to a customer representative over phone, you can email your number and the owner of the company himself will call you during business hours to help you with any issues that may arise.

The only way to communicate in your native tongue is with other traders. Thankfully, this option is available through live traders chat, where you can find traders from all over the world using this software to improve their financial standing by investing in binary options with Profit Magnet trading robot.

Profit Magnet Scam

Continuing our Profit Magnet review, we would like to talk about an unpleasant topic of Profit Magnet scam, which is an issue of common concern nowadays. We have found some Profit Magnet scam reviews on web in which authors judge this firm by externals, without providing any solid evidences. They condemn all Profit Magnets marketing advertising, including its CEO, users results, testimonials and fake identities. It comes down to the fact that these authors tease this firm with obscene names, write about Profit Magnet scam, and continue their reviews promoting other robots websites. We cannot claim whether they all are fake or not, but this also can be just a black PR. Concluding our review, our team want to remind that there cannot be 100% success proof with this trading software and moreover, it has no legitimate policy.