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Trend Trader Review

trend trader app Review

Trading binaries is one of the key ways of profiting in volatile financial markets. If you look to invest your money in stock market, you will have to be sure that the asset you choose will increase in value overtime. As you know, for the past several years this has not been the case for the majority of them. With digital options you can trade either Up or Down and with Options Trading Robots (BOTRs) you can take the hard part out of the equation. Meaning the robot you choose to use will trade automatically on your behalf.

We should start this Trend Trader review from the fact that one of the recent inclusions in this market has been Trend Trader with its automated web-based software. In its essence it is very similar to the majority of other BOTRs, but there are some important differences, both for and against the use of this trading software.

The owner and CEO of Trend Trader is Jonathan Miller and on the front web-page you can watch a short introduction video by him. There are some other videos on the latter pages with general instructions by him, but they seem to be more promotional than anything else.

Trend Trader software has a free trial period of 30 days after which the company will take a small commission out of every profitable trade the software makes for you. And with 93% win rate that should not be a problem. The initial investment amount has to be no less than $300 to activate your auto-trading account. There are several brokerages on offer that support Trend Trader binary depending on your country of residence.

Read our trend trader Review and find out if Trend Trader scam is true or not.

Author Name Jonathon Miller
Price Free 30-day trial
Trend Trader Minimum Deposit $300
Minimum Trade $25
Average Win Rate Up to 93%
Auto Trading Yes
Manual Trading No
Use of Regulated Brokers No
Max Daily Trades Unlimited
VIP Account/Features No
Demo Account No
Guide Tour

Trend Trader Software

The app itself is very basic in its structure. If you take any other BOTR, the robot will register an account on your behalf with the broker as well. But Trend Trader software asks you to do this on your own. This seems strange and takes extra unnecessary effort on your part. As for the system's trading control it is present, but it is too basic. There is no option for manual trading on the platform itself. You have to turn off the auto-trading feature and to trade manually on the broker's page. The list of automatically traded assets is less then a dozen, and the only risk aversion choice is to set up the signal's strength. Trend volume is industry standard with the minimum of $25 and maximum of $500.

Finally, there is no guide tour of the platform, but it seems unessential with so few usable features. No demo account is an another drawback.

Trend Trader Binary

When you decide to invest in this BOTR you will have to go through two simple registration steps and provide, firstly, your name and email and, secondly, your last name, telephone number and unique password. After that you will be forwarded to a dedicated broker's page where you will have to go through the registration process once again, which is more complex, and requires your address and credit card number.

In our Trend Trader review we should also note that in case when initial deposit with some brokers offered by Trend Trader Binary is only $100, in order to activate your auto-trading the deposit has to be at least $300, which is above industry standard of $250. The deposit options include all the major credit cards and wire transfer. If you choose the latter, you will have to wait for several days for the payment to clear. But the trading robot claims to make you up to $3 000 per day, so the amount of your first deposit should not matter that much.

You can use Trend Trader software on any kind of system, like Windows, Android of iOs, meaning the robot can be even accessed even via your smartphone. But that does not seem a bonus as manual trades are not available, and if you would like to place them, you will have to check with the brokerage you use.

trend trader app Review - Trading

Trades start with a minimum of $25 and can be increased to $500 with larger deposits. In this trend trader app review we would like also to mind that after the 30-day trial period, every profitable trade will be a charged a small fee, to pay for the company's services. The list of tradable assets is very limited and includes several stocks (Apple, Google), commodities (Crude Oil, Gold, Silver) and currency pairs (AUD/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY). As you see the automated trading is done for very few assets and may be suitable for not risky investors, as the app is fine-tuned for a very limited number of binaries.

Deposits and withdrawals are made through the broker's page, so you may be sure that the software does not get hold of your financial information. And there is no way you can track the trades done by the system. The only chance is to visit the broker's page to have a look. It seems way too hard if compared to other BOTRs.

trend trader app Review - Support

All of the BOTRs provide basic customer support, but Trend Trader offers even less options with only email support, though the CEO claims to have more on offer. Maybe they will appear in the nearest future, but you shouldn't put your money on it. For more advice, feel free to ask your broker, as even the FAQ section is not there.

Languages on offer are limited to English only, but the brokerages, which Trend Trader binary recommends, have a much more extent list of supported tongues.

To sum it up in our Trend Trader review, this software is not the even in the top half of all the brokers we have reviewed before. You are welcomed to invest in this BOTR or any other to choose the best software provider for automated options trading.

Trend Trade Scam

Let's finish our Trend Trader review discussing the topic of Trend Trader scam. After scanning forums on any Trend Trader scam complaints we have come to the conclusion that people are responding to this software very differently. Some traders say that this trading app works well, but another claim that they have got on Trend Trader scam. These complaints cannot be proven, but, for instance, an absence of software demo and guide tour is a kind of omission. Of course, we cannot believe anyone who promotes making thousands of USD each day, but this software seems to be real working.