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VirtNext Review

VirtNext Investment Ltd

When yo do your research on how to properly invest your funds you have surely come across binary options that created quite a hipe in recent years. Binaries is a type of financial investment where the risk is limited and the profit is set before you enter into a trade. That is easier and less risky compared to regular stock market maneuvers we are all used to. But it still requires some precise expertise on your behalf. To eliminate this issue there have been created Binary Trading Robots (BOTRs) that do all the dirty work for you. These automated systems use professionally developed algorithms that trade assets instead of you with a decent win rate.

VirtNext software, one of the latest additions to the family of BOTRs. It claims to have lost only one trade in the last fifteen hundred investment cycles over four years. With your initial investment, you will get over $650 in a single hour or over $13 000 in a single day of trading. That seems excessive, but VirtNext investment ltd claims to have made over $304 million for companies like IBM, Microsoft, Swarovski and alike. 97.6% of investors are happy with what this BOTR has done for them so far. In 2014, the company made 11% more money-wise compared to 2013. There is no data for the year 2015 though, but the expectations are high.

The company employs over 170 employees and is projected to make over $604 millions by the end of the year. Quite a bold statement for a company that does not show its physical address, nor contact number. Anyways the majority of BOTRs do not disclaim any of that information because of fear of retaliation from stock exchange moguls, so let's focus on the positive issues that we know about VirtNext app.

Author Name Vincent Bollore
Price Free
BinaryOptionRobot Minimum Deposit $250
Minimum Trade $25
Average Win Rate Up to 99.9%
Auto Trading Yes
Manual Trading Yes
Use of Regulated Brokers Yes
Max Daily Trades Unlimited
VIP Account/Features No
Demo Account No
Guide Tour No
Customer Support Web-form,
Software Type Web-based
Languages English

VirtNext Software

If you log into it's site you will see a front-page like no other BOTR has ever offered. You will find an introductory video by somebody who claims to be the creator himself, Vincent Bollore. But in our VirtNext review, we want to mention that if you go the Forbes official webpage, you will see the photo and description of Mr. Bollore, who is a completely different person. He does not do business with binaries, but in batteries for electric cars. This is a definite negative point because after some basic research you can figure out that VirtNext investment ltd is probably a scam or is just plain lying to its customers.

The video itself is quite extensive, so to cut the story short, he is explaining all the benefits VirtNext app is able to offer, namely, $650 per hour profit without any commissions. And if you take into account the deposit bonus offered by the brokerage company chosen by the BOTR.

The minimum investment is $250, but the more you invest, the bigger the deposit bonus will be. The minimum trade amount is only $25 with the maximum being $100, which may not be enough for those who are willing to do large volume trading. The trading seems to be live even on the weekend. That is strange because all the markets are closed and the question arises with whom VirtNext is trading. That does not seem right.

Continuing this VirtNext review, we should say that the software itself is quite standard and offers a live chart and four most recommended signals for every asset subtype: Commodities, Stocks, Indices and Currencies. You can also turn on the auto-trade so that the system makes the trades. There are no other premium tools or option at hand and that places VirtNext app at the bottom of our choice for BOTRs.

VirtNext App

Trading through VirtNext software is truly basic. You choose to turn on the auto-trading and click on the desired investment amount. And that is it. The soft does everything else for you. You are only there to check balance and rejoice. But taking into account the above-mentioned system's faults it is ill-advised to do business with this company.

In case of adverse situations, you are still able to trade manually via the brokerage company, as it remains secure and you can still make some profit. One of the benefits, though, unlike in any other BOTR is an availability of mobile version of VirtNext. The link to the mobile version is nowhere to be found, but it is advertised on the front-page. Probably, it will appear sooner than later and we can test it on the go.

VirtNext Investment Ltd - Support

VirtNext prouds itself on being the most decorated BOTR on the market, having received accolades from IBS Board of Standards, Financial Times, Binary WatchDog and alike. But those could not be independently confirmed, so we leave them for your judgment.

Having over 170 people working for the company should have a positive impact on customer support, but VirtNext offers only web-form and email for contact. Doesn't seem suitable for a company with such a pomp. Website supports English only, so for customers from non-English speaking countries, this may pose a problem.

Finally, in our VirtNext review, our team should note that there doesn't seem to be a lot of positive sides for VirtNext software, except for mobile platform, which is still unavailable. Trading is done out of business times, customer support is absent, a lot of pumped up reviews and customers like Microsoft do not add credibility to it, but actually make it look like a complete waste of money. It is still up to you to decide on whether to do business with VirtNext, but there are many other BOTRs with a better reputability and trading choices on offer.

VirtNext scam

At the end of our VirtNext review, let's look at VirtNext scam topic, since the issue is certainly of interest to all who want to take advantage of such trading application. While searching for information about VirtNext scam, we have found a lot of positive reviews about this robot on respectable websites, and this fact can not but rejoice. But at the same time, some forums have feedbacks from people claiming that there is VirtNext scam. To have faith - this question is very relative since there is no evidence of its veracity. On the other hand, we can consider the fact that it seems pretty unrealistic that the robot offers 99.9% winrate, because given the fact that this program is totally free it is incredible to get such hight returns, especially in binary trading field.