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wallstreetpro Review

Wallstreetpro software

Nowadays, investing is full of risky options no matter what field of investment you choose, as the world economy seems to be failing and we are on the rise of another period of depression worse than the economic collapse in 2008.

The 2008 crisis was one of many important reasons binaries came into being, due to it's simplicity and risk control that brokers provide for traders to avoid loosing funds.

To start trading options you need to study and analyze the market and not only the local market but the global one as well as the local economy depends on it. Studying and analyzing require money and effort which not everybody has, that's why experts of IT and Binary industry created (BOTRs) that trade and analyze on your behalf and help you gain profits while you on holiday with your family.

Wallstreetpro is an automatic trading software that appeared in the Binary Market recently in order to trade binaries for traders who have no time to do it themselves, in addition to providing trading signals in case of trading manually. In Wallstreetpro review, you will get to know one of the new (BOTRs) in the financial market and find out if Wallstreetpro scam or not.

Author Name Unknown
Price Free
Profit Maximizer Minimum Deposit $300
Minimum Trade $20
Average Win Rate 70-80% ($1500 TO $6000 Daily)
Auto Trading Yes
Manual Trading yes
Use of Regulated Brokers uTrader
Max Daily Trades Unlimited
VIP Account/Features No
Demo Account No
Guide Tour yes
Customer Support
Software Type Web-based
Languages English

Trading with Wallstreetpro software review is 100% web-based. The process of registration is similar to most of other BOTRs. First of all, you need to watch the introductory video that lasts for 5 minutes. After that you need to fill in the registration form to log into the software.

After logging into the system, you will be offered to test the software for free for week-period, and to continue the free period up to 30 days you have to deposit in your account with UTrader. You get to choose manually for trading with UTrader the well-known Broker that was established in 2011, till this year UTrader holds his position as one of the leaders of binaries market.

If you want to let the software trade on your behalf, you can switch on the AUTOPILOT feature.

What is Wallstreetpro autopilot

Wallstreetpro Autopilot is a tool of automatic trading in binary options, the program itself uses the most useful signals to open the positions and trades instead of you. All trades in Wallstreetpro autopilot are done through the software. The algorithm is based on the analysis of Wallstreetpro software, including a number of indicators of market efficiency.

You can adjust the settings of the software to fit your needs, without having to worry of losing your funds.

When using the autopilot, which is 100% human-free, review never misses an opportunity to open a successful trade and brings up your profit.

If you choose to turn the Wallstreetpro autopilot on, you need to setup the setting first and choose the amount the robot will invest in each trade, experts recommend to set it to the minimum and use the range from 10 to 50 positions or at least don't set it to maximum unless your deposit is more than $10000. Remember, that the more options Autopilot buys, the higher profit you will get. You can also set Wallstreetpro autopilot to stop trading in case your deposit is lower than the allowed one, or if you want to earn an assured number to withdraw.

Also in Wallstreetpro review, we found out that only UTrader traders may work with Wallstreetpro software. One important information is that if you are already a registered member trading with UTrader so the E-mail used with him must be the one you use when signing up on review. Otherwise, you will not be able to use autopilot.

Again, if you want to switch Wallstreetpro autopilot on, you are going to have to make a deposit in your UTrader account.

How signals work on review

Signals are generated by Wallstreetpro software, in case you want to use them while trading with UTrader manually, signals vary from the basic to the hot signals:

Basic signals - signals for trading at the usual types of options. They are recommended for expiration times of 15 minutes and higher.

Hot signal is a strong signal for trading on the turbo options. This hot signal is a high possibility of a successful business in a short period of time.

Wallstreetpro Software analyzes What is happening in the financial market, and a lot of indicators of different operations in seconds, and as a result of the outcome generates a signal.

How to trade using Wallstreetpro

When you register an account with Wallstreetpro software, you get a 30 days of free signals with a win-rate of 70-80% on binary options.

Wallstreetpro software automatically chooses the broker with whom you will have an account.

Trading with UTrader account types

There are 3 types of account with UTrader especially made to suit the needs and requirements of every trader:

Start account:with a deposit of 301 EUR-USD-GBP, traders get a 50% bonus in addition to daily market reviews and educational videos to help you learn and get more experience in Binaries.

Silver account:the minimum deposit in this account is 1001 EUR-USD-GBP, you get a bonus up to 100% beside the personal financial analyst and two strategies explanation.

Gold account:which is the best type of them all, deposits start at 5001 EUR-USD-GBP,Welcome bonus up to 120% in addition to account reviews and a personal financial analyst review Support

The site of Wallstreetpro software supports only English but the robot also accepts traders from all around the world no matter what language they speak, you can contact them using email which we provide here at Wallstreetpro review.

Wallstreetpro scam

Is Wallstreetpro scam real or is it legit ?

At Wallstreetpro review we gathered all the information about Wallstreetpro scam and if there is some kind of deceiving involved in it, we noticed that there are no info about the author whatsoever even in the introductory video he (the author) does not introduce himself properly as he should have but he instead talks about how he helped his sister and how he got the idea of WallStreetPro.

unfortunately there is no direct way to contact them as phone number or live chat other than email such as the other robots do that provide a detailed information about how to contact them, and here pops the question is Wallstreetpro scam ture or just a tumor ? only traders can answer that. But you can still contact them indirectly by contacting the broker support service (UTrader) which is responsive all the time. That's is most assured thing in Wallstreetpro review that the BOTR does it's trading with UTrader a member of the Center for regulation of relations in the financial markets