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Are you looking for the best binary options brokers? With our years of experience in trading, we offer our members many benefits including the best list of binary options brokers. Our best list of binary of options includes brokers from around the world, including Asia. Trading has never been easier when you have the best list of binary options brokers. Become a member today and learn how you can get access to this extremely useful information.

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Want to have access to the best binary options reviews in the market. The best binary options reviews offers tips and advise from experienced traders who can help you know the do’s and don’ts before you trade. With our large members base that include career level traders to new traders, our site is the first to receive binary options reviews about information sources that feed the markets daily. This includes information about brokers, tips about a hot trend, and much more. Our experienced team scans through all binary options reviews to offer all of our members the best binary options reviews available in the industry.

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Get the best in binary options trading when you join Chief. Our proven road map to success is used by traders around the globe. Our trading simulator, and calculator is designed to help newcomers develop skills that the best binary options trading pros have. Our team offers new members 1 FREE personal trading analysis to make sure that you’re on the right track. All of this is packaged up and offered through to give you the best binary options trading experience available today.

Top binary options brokers

The question that everyone wants the answer to is, what are the top binary options brokers. When you know the top binary options brokers, trading then becomes easy because you can then make a partner in your trading that will help your profits grow, and support you along your new venture. A binary options broker serves so many purposes like offering the right assets, and giving you the information you need before making your trades. With everything a broker does, it’s no question that people want to know who the best binary options brokers are. This is where we can give you an edge. Chief  not only has had experience with the majority of binary-option brokers out there, we also have relationships with the few that offer the best service. When you join us, this is one of the many benefits you receive.




Binary-options are becoming more and more popular everyday because of their simplicity, and their ability to allow traders to earn high fixed rates of return with investments that have very short term periods.

So how does it all work?

Similar to other forms of trading, binary-option offer options for  assets in many of the same categories like the Dow Jones Industrial Average and other indices,  currencies like the Euro Dollar, gold and other commodities, and FOREX exchange.

Quite simply, all an investor has to do is predict whether the price of an asset is going to go up or down. After doing so, he or she can then choose to buy an option according to that prediction. If he or she thinks the price of an asset is going to go up, he or she would buy a Call Option.  If he or she thinks the price of an asset is going to go down, he or she would buy a Put Option. Every option has an expiry time in its contract in which a Call or Put price movement must be within. Expiry times are normally 1 day or less.

Hypothetically speaking, if you knew the price of coffee was going to go up tomorrow, you could by a Call Option for coffee with an expiry time that fits your prediction. If your prediction is correct, you would make a pretty nice size profit according to the form of compensation specific to your option. Binary-options offer two forms of compensation; (1) based on a predetermined percentage, or (2) based on a fixed amount.

However, in the same way an investor can make relatively large profits for correct predictions, wrong predictions can results in little to nothing remaining for the option purchased.  All details pertaining to amounts for wrong predictions are outlined in an options contract. Making correct predictions is the only way to successfully trade binary options, and can only be done through proper research and analysis of assets. Making multiple wrong predictions can be devastating and can cause large losses in capital.

Knowing every detail of trading binary options including how to properly research an asset, and how to choose a good broker specific to binary-options, is the determining factor between successful binary-option-traders, and everyone else.


Welcome to Chief, the site run by professional traders designed to give you all of the information you need to successfully trade binary-option. Whether your profession is trading, or you’re new to trading and are ready to make the market start working for you; everyone can gain from years of experienced, compiled into easy to learn tips, useful training courses, and breaking news updates.

Want to learn how to successfully trade binary-options? Chief will teach you everything you need to know in simple easy-to-understand methods, consisting of everything a person will need to trade at an expert level. After completing our courses, our tips section will give you ground-breaking trade tips that will give you an edge in your trading activity. Top it off with our market news articles including what assets we think are going to have major movement in the days ahead, and see why so many traders make us their partners daily.


Chief has established itself as the leading binary-option brokerage reviewing and rating source, providing the best and most accurate reviews available for the industry today. Our hub is full of useful information including the top brokers, latest trading tips, news updates, and much more.

One of the biggest advantages we offer through our site is our large bonus offerings which cannot be found anywhere else on the web today. Our relationships with brokers allows us to offer traders bonuses that with larger payout percentages, new account perks of many kind, end of the month and end of the year bonuses, just to name a few.

If you’re a new trader, we encourage you to browse the net for specials, and come back to us to compare. Find the best brokers in the industry today, and get the most for your trades. Browse below to see our best bonus offers currently running, and stay tuned for more.



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