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TradEqual review

TradEqual broker

Binary trading is a new way of investment that appeared in the financial market for almost a decade now, it has shown the ability of turning the lives of a whole bunch of traders a round by gaining them a huge profits in no time.

TradEqual broker is a new and outstanding type of digital options platform. TradEqual was established in 2014 by the hands of experienced traders in the financial market, it provides users with the next higher level of trading. Given the fact that nowadays brokers own too much power over the users and make different demands on the trade that not all people can execute, the creators of the platform have decided to develop something more independent, where people can write, sell or buy options between each other in a real time.

TradEqual platform office is situated in Saint Vincent, its development center and the R&D is situated in Israel. Payments are processed with an EU company registered and located in the UK. Also, it works under instructions of KYC, segregated bank account, etc. and is in the process of getting regulation of MiFID.

TradEqual broker  is owned by Premier Holdings Limited, registered by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Central America under the number 22965 IBC 2015

Take a close look at TradEqual review to find out all about it and if TradEqual platform is the right choice for you or TradEqual scam is real.

Welcome Bonus $100
Return Rates From 80% up to 700%
Minimum Deposit $250
Maximum Deposit Unlimited
Trade Range Starting from 15$
Types of Currencies used for Transactions USD, GBP, EUR
Option Types Write, Buy or sell Call/Put options
Safety Net Not available
Assets Stocks, Commodities, Forex / Currency Pairs, Indices
Commodities Gold, Oil,copper
Stocks Apple, Google, Microsoft, Barclays, BMW, Societe Generale, Facebook
Methods of Bank Transactions Visa, MasterCard
Trading Platform No download required
Supported Countries All countries, where not prohibited
Demo Account Soon
Mobile Not available
Contact Information Ultima Capital Ltd, 35-37 Ludgate Hill, London EC4M
7JN, United Kingdom
Tel. +44 20 3769 3582
Email: [email protected]

Trading with TradEqual broker

Trading process with any brokerage company defines the goal behind it, so the easier and more profitable it gets, the more traders would want to trade on its platform.
TradEqual trading binary platform doesn't change the principles of trading, but completely renounces brokerage monopoly and allows traders to sell their created options.

TradEqual platform

Thus, trading with a broker, you can get a low payout under which the broker anyway remains to have purchase, as well as you can not write options yourself, or sell options, you can only select from those that the broker can offer you.
In turn, TradEqual broker offers you an opportunity to visit both sides of the binary trading as from the perspective of the seller or the customer. There is also such advantage as getting more profit, as the options prices are not determined by brokers and general financial market. Also, users can easily communicate, discuss, share ideas of the deals in provided special live chat.
TradEqual trading binary platform can be described as an open sharing area, where any trader can write digital options by himself. All they need is to establish the direction of their option – High or Low, assign risk capital and option payout, before they upload the created option into the trading platform. After uploading, it can be found in so called Order Book. Also, we would like to note that if you don't want to take all option's risks, you are able to buy only its portion.

Write, buy and sell an option in TradEqual review

First of all, you get to select the type of financial asset you want to write an option for, then you define the expiry time, the buyer payout and the risk amount. How it works ?

In case a trader buys your option, you become the broker. If the trade you created expires in favor of the buyer, he gets paid and if it expires in your favor (the seller) you get paid, you as a broker get the amount invested by the buyer in your option. These kinds of trades are carried out on TradEqual's social trading network.

If you think that the market price will fall, then write a call option, the buyer who thinks that the market price will go up, he will buy your option, if your prediction it right you get paid and vice versa.

The Order Book presents the top and most challenging options with the greatest payouts in TradEqual platform. And given the fact that TradEqual trading binary offers unlimited payouts, and by nature traders like to compete, you can get a very large profit for competitive deals. And do not forget that traders can discuss all their options and capabilities in platform's chat room.
Users can set the income as low as 50% or above 700%, but it is quite clear to all that the sellers are unlikely to find customers if their returns are too low, while there are much more favorable options on the trading platform. There are also bonuses of $ 100 for those who are brave enough to try their hand and write their own options when they open an account.
Meanwhile, we should mention in TradEqual review that the first minimum deposit is $ 250, which is not high and is alike brokers' average min. If you decide to write your options and sell them, it would cost you $40. Buying trading amount is a little lower – $15. You are able to make deposits in US Dollars, EUR and GBP. Soon, the company also is going to provide such a great service as a demo.

TradEqual scam

The fact that TradEqual trading binary presents a new way of trading, made a lot of traders think TradEqual scam is true, but from the info we managed to gather we can not confirm or deny the truth about TradEqual scam. So if you decide to register an account with him, be cautious not to be a part of TradEqual scam or other scams whatsoever.

Security with TradEqual broker

Transparency and sociability are the keywords used as its slogans. TradEqual platform platform protection is provided using 128-bit encryption, the SSL, so traders information is secured.
With a single account, you are able to write and to buy options without any restrictions. Your created options are only under your control whenever, and you are allowed to make a cancellation at any time before their expiration time.
TradEqual broker platform works with several market makers to ensure liquidity from day one until the market and traders will take that place, using of market maker is a way to achieve sufficient liquidity. Those market makers are companies from the on-line trading industry who realize the great potential of the ability to write and sell binary options without the costs of marketing etc. So they can offer much better competitive pay outs to the clients. Although the company cannot elaborate on their identities and terms TradEqual can say that in its agreements it obligate them to a minimum payout of at least 85% to encourage other traders to offer better payouts and to be listed on top.

TradEqual trading binary Support

Here in TradEqual review you get to know that this platform is called the third generation of binary trading, and it attracts advanced and venturesome traders from around the world.
Such service as TradEqual Education features information on Binary and Forex comparison, exchange hedging strategies, trading guides on writing options, glossary, Economic Calendar, Video Center, etc.
Talking about customer service, TradEqual platform is only available in English, but Spanish, Russian and Arabic are in appearance priority. You can contact them using Email, phone or web-form on the brokers site.
Unfortunately, at this point, this company doesn't accept USA clients because that the firm plans on getting CFTC regulation (due to their unique model) in future.
Read TradEqual review carefully and make sure you figured out how the System works and if there is TradEqual scam or it is just a rumor.



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